Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eternal Running Buddy

"Hey Ben doesn't Mizuno make something better than that?"

I am a rep for Mizuno in the running division and have made sure Ben is fully equipped. But he hadn't quite planned on the cool temps for the Berryman marathon and was cold. He dug deep into his past to come up with the above look, I dug deep for a quip to the owner of one of my running accounts.

"It's the new Cabrakan tunic for men, Willie!"

Yup, that's my fiancee sporting a Hefty bag with a twist. I think it's pretty sexy. Add the snazzy gortex fedora-- I can hardly stand it! Don't you just LOVE how the bottle holder cinches the bag at the waist to complete the look? Errol Flynn does come to mind.

All the stops were out for the Berryman marathon. It was our year anniversary of tapering and we just weren't going to miss the race.

"Sophia, we can't do Berryman, we have the Psycho 5k this weekend."

"Are you KIDDING me? Casey has his RV reserved, and just sent us both pictures of his muddy training legs. Give me an hour, I'll have it set up." Done. 1 hour, 55 minutes. Ha. The race would take longer.

The Race:

Crack, bang, boom.

"Ben, would you call off a race for all this thunder and lightning?"

It was 3 am, and I was quite awake-- on an air mattress that had deflated. But warm and dry in the RV.

"I wouldn't start it, but it will taper off-- "

Was I the chief mudbabe looking for an excuse not to run?... sigh... maybe. A year long taper doesn't happen without giving in to a few excuses.

This was the day that excuses DIED. Rain conquered with a spirit drenched in happiness.

26.2 miles. 2 pairs of Mizunos and one altered hefty bag.

2 people in love.

In love with running on trails, and in love with each other.

We set out and quickly got in step with each other, played with the mud, entertained soggy aid station personel and enjoyed life, shared energy and embraced having an eternal running buddy.

And that's what it's about. Everyone is more energized when they unlock the secret. The secret is finding that special someone who shares your passion, and is willing to trot alongside you through thick and thin.

Tough patch? No problem, Ben... let me baste it with a little mud.

Think you can't handle the garbage life throws you?

Here's a hefty bag, Sophia.

"Mud you Sophy Trophy."

"Mud you too Bentor."

Our pet names and mud language.

I pulled Ben up a hill-- he'd repay me in some energy return on the last painful miles.

I indulged in running too fast at mile 21, and it just wrecked my quads. I couldn't run downhill.. but the uphills were just fine.

That's right-- I was begging for more uphills the final 5 miles (and they came in 600 foot climbs).
And that's the way life goes sometimes, you don't realize that the uphill battle is the fun one.

You think you want a race day without rain, and then it keeps your feet cool. It washes the mud off your shoes, and keeps horseflys and horse riders off the race course.

Pray for the tough times my friends. For in those lie all of life's joys and happiness.

Muddy Hugs,



Alex said...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.
Berryman 2003 is when Ben coined the term "doing Dr. Virtue" during the race. You should ask Ben about it if he never mentioned this before.

sophianchor said...

Very interesting Alex. A new story! I will definitely ask.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I love you, SophyTrophy!