Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holidays Mizuno Style...

"Have you ever taken the innagural dump in a porta potty, Ben?"
We were at Run Lawrence's Turkey Trot.
I just sat there, sort of shaking my head with a grossed out look on my face.
"Blue splash of death?"
"Is that what they call it?"

Turns out Ben has a solution for it... ( I wish I'd know sooner)
Using baby wipes or TP, let it float to the bottom of the potty, forming a barrier over the blue stuff.
"Ok- Soph, the middle one's ready for ya."
After testing Ben's handi-work one more time, I was ready to race.
It's been year's since I actually put any effort into a 5k, but I thought I might have a chance at 3rd in my age group if I didn't poop out.
I admired the blue environmentally friendly Asics bags with a touch of green envy. Raised an eyebrow about what to do with the XL Asics top, pinned on my New Balance number and headed for the starting line.

One of my accounts, Francis Sporting Goods was one of the race sponsors. As I looked around I saw a good sampling of Mizunos-- but couldn't help noticing I was the only rep actually running in the race.

Their loss-- it was a glorious day.

Bad Ben helped out at the finish line-- his main job cheering on Sophia!! Ra RA -- more cowbell please.

We did a few more miles on the smooth dirt trails of the Sandrat where we saw a turkey! Birrrundering. IT's everywhere. Then headed to Shelley's to--- EAT THE RUN!!

Stuffing, stuffing, stuffing.
Such wonderful memories. Her sweet children gave us hugs and played with Puccini. The turkey and marvelously set table looked like a Martha Stewart special-- and oh my gosh-- the $3.99 pie was delicious. Some Mexican train dominos and we were a Norman Rockwell Holiday party.

Obviously the next day entailed more running. It was the second annual Recession-Proof run out at Clinton. Last year I became a big fan of Friday runs, which I called "The hookie run." David Salavitch was kind enough to wait til Ben and I arrived at 10-- and we were off. We hit all our old haunts and reminisced about the past and looked forward to all the running in the future. A quick hello to Levi Bowles-who's first run with the Nerds was this day last year.
"Hi Levi!"
"I'm hobbling home-- IT band hurting."
I gave him a quick poke on the IT-- OUCH-- and emailed him later the name of a good doctor. And recommended the hotsie totsie Mizuno manpris for some extra support. Ben was rocking those -- and (gasp) the Asics women's XL race-T. Yup, my Badness had overdressed for the unseasonable weather and the Asics shirt was the only option knocking around in the car.

Saturday!!! Ben runs wyco with Andy Bowman one of our awesome volunteers-- I rest up for Dude Where's the Trail.

Lou Joline-- you have such a sense of humor. Note to area runners-- please don't ever complain about his courses-- and certainly not the only easy part of a 50k-- even if it's pavement (double gasp). That 5 foot 1 ball of fire made the craziest course ever. So much bushwacking.. so many tiny little burrs in my Mizuno Breath thermo stetch . My favorite garment, nearly reduced to shreds. As Ben and I sat picking off the darn things afterwards- I thought my fingers would certainly cramp. Meanwhile we had to endure abuse from Lou for missing the rope section.
He seriously stamped his foot--
"Ben-- Ben you missed the rope? I put it in JUST for YOU."
Yale (his alma mater) clearly taught him how to lob a guilt trip.

So a total of 67 miles this week. Getting back there...

As I sat picking off the burrs, going over the past week and all I am thankful for-- that little blue splash didn't seem a big deal. Not at all.

I have a job with Mizuno Running, the best company ever. I have amazing friends-- and the ability to run run run-- and make life fun.

During the holidays as everyone looks through their bank accounts and worries about what's going in and out of that-- take a moment to see what's in your Fun bank-- or your run bank. Take care of those-- and the rest will fall into place nicely.

Muddy Hugs,


Kristi said...

Love the turkey/birrundering cameo!

sophianchor said...

thanks Kristi-- the experience is birrrned in!