Thursday, June 18, 2009


Way back... almost a year ago I posted a blog about all of my amazing girlfriends, and how supportive they were of me in an incredibly devastating time in my life.

It's been amazing to watch how they've evolved through the past 10 or so months. One is Stefanie.

I helped mentor her for her first 8k. Kept her from going out too fast, and kept her company. When you run long distances, maybe an 8k doesn't seem so far--but it's all about perspective. For her, a sprinter, it was the longest she'd ever run.

In April, she ran the Oklahoma City half marathon in 2 hours and change.

Yesterrday, I got a text from her.
"Man I just ran 9.6 miles in 80 minutes! If it weren't for u i would have never been able to do that or want to run at all. Hope all is well mud u!"

It's so nice to be appreciated, especially when it's from someone you know you can trust to be there for you, too.

I'll get pictures up later.

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