Saturday, June 20, 2009

Flying MudBabes

I've written a lot about ultra marathons and running farther. But often the best things in life come in smaller packages. Sometimes life is so good, it just seems like you're flying. That was the case at the Psummer Intro 5k (well 2.8 miler). That's my awesome mudbabe buddy Shelley Flones. She was flying pretty high too. Before the race, we both got a generous sprinkling of fairy dust from Peter Pan (Bad Ben) and as you can see it was working wonders. Maybe it was excitement that so many people showed up. 106, compared with 60 last year. Yes the Trail Nerd message of inclusivity and love of nature and maturity is quite inspiring.

While we joke that we want world domination, mostly we just want

people to have a great quality of life, through running on trails. Maybe I was flying because it was my first spin in the new Wave Cabrakan. I just got a sweeeeeeeeet job working as a territory
manager for Mizuno USA in the running division.

I talked my way into wear testing the Cabrakan that comes out in September. Right now the shoes are just headed out to the top running magazines, so it was quite an honor. They feel great. A FLEXIBLE rock plate in the front. Great traction, and an incredible soft feel-- and I was, as you can see FLYING. No lying. Flying. I will post more on the incredible possibilities these shoes hold for runners soon.

So was it sole, or soul that made me run 3 minutes faster than last year, despite less training. Maybe it was a little acknowledged phenomenon. Borrowed energy. Hmm..or maybe it was that Shelley (a bit of a Tinkerbell) had some fairy dust of her own.

On this day she was quite the leader. Check out the Run Posse!!

She's the Flying Mudbabe. She won the Rock Creek 10k and ran an impressive 24:15 on this day. I was close behind, but ahem... felt the call of nature and tinkled on the trail. Wow, then I really felt light as a feather.

I'm allowed a certain budget for promotion of running through my job as a territory manager for Mizuno. Since the Trail Nerds and Mud Babes are unquestionably the most dynamic running group in KC, I've decided to sponsor them. I gave out t-shirts to folks running in the Wave Ascend (another great trail shoe) and our awesome Maverick short (has a zipper pocket) to two of the female finishers.

There were other pockets of energy in this race.

Fast Andy. Andy Henshaw. Broke the Brew to Brew record running 44 miles on a windy nasty day at about a 7 minute pace. Uber volunteer, willing to get off the couch the night before a race and redo a mile of trail that's been demarked by an overzealous 4 year old on a walk with her underzealous when it comes to discipline parents. I might mention he was getting up at 5 the next morning to come and volunteer for 18 hours at the Free State marathon.

This day we had the Andy effect: "Follow fast Andy!" "Andy's going to win!" "Go Andy, Go!" He was proudly wearing his Trail Nerd shirt, lovingly soiled with dirt from many races and happy falls in the woods.

But leaders aren't always in the front.

Sometimes they are in the middle. oops cut in half.

Sometimes they are in the back. Bad Ben was leading his son Matt. I call him "The Young Mr. Holmes." Matt calls himself "Son of a Ben," proud to be the son of a great man and leader. It is after all father's day weekend.

Right after Free State, Ben and I were having a conversation. Matt had just spent time before, during and after the race schlepping, hauling and without ever, EVER whining helping with the race.

"Sophia, Matt wants to run a race with me."

"No problem, do Intro to Psummer. I'll race direct." I had just gotten a first hand (and one that I sought out and enjoyed) view of what it takes to put on a successful, organized, can survive any disaster--even a tornado--race.

But..... then I got hired by Mizuno. I wasn't going to have time.
"I'm not going to get to run with Matt."

Enter Shane and Brandy Jones. Sometimes leaders are at the finish line. Or at home, tirelessly entering the results for 106 runners.

Ben brought up the rear with Matt.

Sometimes leaders are at the very back of the pack.

I was talking to a lady after the race.
"Oh that's YOUR Ben? Oh please tell him thank you, thank you so much for encouraging me and my friend. This was my first ever trail run, and I so appreciated it. Give him a hug for me."

Muddy sweaty hug.

So what are the Trail Nerds about? Leaders. Everywhere. In front, in the middle, at home, and sometimes most importantly bringing up the rear.

Happy, happy Muddy Hugs to everyone.


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Sam said...

Great post! You and Shelly look like you're having so much fun. See you Thursday?