Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's lively and beautiful in Sophie's World

I've been so busy lately, I don't even know where to start. On Thursday, I emceed an event called Live Red. Promoting women taking care of their hearts. I heard some really interesting facts about how much fat there is in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This picture with the Cooking Cardiologist taht has the hunter gatherer in the background reminded me of a something Pat Perry said while on Coleen's birthday run.
"My family only eats wild game-- which incidentally, Pat shoots with a bow and arrow. Think about what the animals you eat,eat-- and if it's corn and feed (which is often reconstituted cow by-products--gross) it's not going to be good for you."

My co-emcee Lou was super cool, and told me all about the wonders of being single at 50!

Here's my heart healthy meal.

Saturday morning I emceed a local 5k. The weather was beautiful.

And I was presented with my first ever Sophia Spencer BOBBLE HEAD. I was ecstatic. Sometimes the little things in life are the best.

My gorgeous friend and co-worker Stephanie came along. She shot some video, ran with me and even won a Medal!! At the race, I got to talk to a 75 year old who'd run the Boston Marathon. (which I ran this past April)

He ran the 5k in a respectable at any age time of about 26 minutes and change. But he wanted to talk about politics.

"Hey did you see the debate last night?"
"Oh I didn't. My friend Clare had a friend visiting from Europe. We all sat talking about jazz, installation art, chamber music, prisms, photography and Indian Philosophy. I call it Sophie's World-- and it's beautiful."

" Sounds fascinating-- and you didn't miss much in the debates. You should hold onto those great moments with friends."
"Thanks. I'm fortunate that they happen most days and weekends." More and more, I realize my day-dream world is meshing with real life.

Clare's friend Hayden, tuned up this instrument that a little stick bug was enjoying. We all had such fascinating conversation about different musical processes and programs. Clare made a delicious vegetarian tart, and we drank red wine and my favorite selection of fine cheeses.

Conversation moved from Alexander technique to the unique intricacies of dealing with opera singers. If you think runners are nuts about their training and bodies-- try going out to dinner with your local opera diva.

"Oh excuse me-- do you have Perrier? And could I have a special dressing? Still, I'll have the cheese soup and extra large steak and potatoes so I can keep up my enormous figure." Don't even ask about their accomodation needs.

But the majority of the conversation was in the lightness, brightness and color. Out of the beige world. Clare has just moved out of suburban darkness and drab, into a beautiful house full of color, wood floors, character and inspiration. It was the perfect venue.

Enlightenment comes if you're open to it and courageous enough to pursue it--even if it means breaking the mold of convention. I am blessed with so much creative, artistic beauty in my life.

Oh and-- even with all this going on-- I managed to run 63 miles this week. A new Sophie Record. Most of it at Clinton Lake, where my mind, body and spirit united, along with some memorable phone photo ops. The best pictures are the ones you can only get if you can run at least 10 miles on a rocky rooty trail! Art imitating life. A very, very good life.

On an odd side note: the Salmon Flats salad at In-gre-dient in Lawrence is incredible.

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