Monday, May 9, 2011

When love isn't enough

This photo says so much about the way I feel right now. Surrounded by rocks-- headed toward water with an instrument that would surely be ruined if it got wet. I know I used to think that I could defy all odds and use the instrument as a paddle over the water, and not damage it. Just focus on the goal. The rest will simply fall in place. I have learned the hard way, that is not so.

Mid March Ben and I parted ways. Some know, others don't. While it was my decision, the pain is deep as I invested much love, energy, time and hope in the relationship over the past three years.

I wish I could explain or answer questions, but I can not. Except that I will always love Ben.

My new hope is that you all can learn to love me as an individual.



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hwkncat said...

Sorry to hear this, Sophia..yes I am slow to learn as always. You guys were so good together. Hugs and Healing.

Colleen J.