Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I love Dick

During one of the worst times in my life, you captured one of the happiest moments. I was running my second marathon with my friend Kent Sanders. Before my first marathon, the organization sent out an email about where the photographers would be placed. They encouraged the runners to smile and cheer for the photogs. When I saw you at mile 19, I raised my arms in a mighty cheer, and you said.. "That made my day!" That picture is still in the upper left corner on the favorites page at SeeKC run .com. But really Dick, you made my day, and continue to everytime I click on that page.

I'm not sure any other city has someone like you who provides such an incredible service. You have become part of our running family and races just don't seem complete without you. And it's not just the pictures.

It was 10 degrees this year for the Topeka to Auburn half marathon. I was running up a hill that seemed endless. Just before the top, I thought "hmm, I bet Dick Ross is going to be up there. I better put on a happy face." There you were! Snapping pictures, but also giving us all a reason to push harder up the hill. Did I mention it was 10 degrees? But it didn't seem to bother you! Or was that smile frozen on your face?!

You caught a picture of the first Mud tattoos at Psycho Psummer, and the joy and happiness shared by two friends.

And you cheer us on. During the Fall Fell, not only were you snapping pictures at a rate so fast it would make an angry turtle look happy. You even yelled out.
"Catch him.. catch him." The sole "crowd support," for me in a 7 mile race. Afterwards we laughted about it. "That was so funny, I saw you two, and thought you'd get him." "Thanks Dick, but he beat me by 2 secondds." Your genuine excitement for our sport is so touching and appreciated. You share in the moment, you catch it on your camera, and have fun. I love people who know how to have fun! True fun, and loving life... an art form.

At first I didn't want to go to Mud and Muck. Then I thought about the pictures. I knew I didn't want to miss that. There were 37 pictures of Debbie and me from that race. Plus you let us give you your own mud tattoo. While other onlookers were too uptight to get a little dirty, you didn't even care that I got your camera muddy taking the picture!

Dick your are our friend.

In the summer of 2006, I went to a race and realized I didn't have my checkbook, or any money. I was new in town and didn't know anybody-- except you. You lent me money for the race.
15 bucks-- but it's the friendship and memories you help us share that's priceless.


We all Mud you!

Classic Mud Babe

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